Extended Billing Office

Medical Billing

1st Resultsis a full-service medical billing company.  Our extended business office services focuses on resolving AR before it is written off to bad debt. From insurance balances to self pay, we offer a wide range of services designed to be a true extension your office.

 Facilities and physicians that understand the benefit of outsourcing their billing choose 1st Results because of our ability to achieve results in pre-collection and follow-up with commercial payers. Why do our processes work so well? First, our staff is highly trained. Second, we are committed to adding qualified staff as we grow in order to keep billing and collection representatives from becoming overloaded. We then monitor workload and productivity and make caseload adjustments as needed. Third, our innovative procedures ensure regular contact and prompt follow up with each and every request.

 1st Results is the medical billing company for practices that insist on...

  • Fewer Denials, Increased Revenue, Faster Cash Flow
  • Our proactive medical billing company minimize your denials and improves collections.
  • Monitor every claim and every stage of your medical billing with robust reporting tools and  real-time updates.  
  • Exceptional Patient Customer Service as well as Client Service.
  • We become an extension of your practice, focused on increasing your revenue and efficiency.


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