1st Results is more than just an outsourced billing and accounts receivable management company. 1st Results can manage the entire system which impacts your bottom line from the patient's initial contact to a paid-in-full account and everything in between. The process of managing your hospital/medical practice's revenue cycle starts before the patient visit and ends when there is a zero balance that is owed to you. As simple as this sounds on paper, we're sure you know from experience the complications and added stress the collections process can have on your time and resources. The billing and collections process can tie up computers and phone lines and slows down office operations while creating additional and often frustrating work for your staff. Unfortunately, spending an excessive amount of time managing your revenue cycle can translate into exhausting a large portion of your earnings while spending less time, energy, and focus on patient care and the activities which generate more cash for the office. 

1st Results is a subsidiary of George Brown Associates, Inc. which has been providing excellent service in both medical and commercial collections business since 1975. Located in Charlotte, NC, we service clients  nationwide. 

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